You’ve Completed Module 3 for Summer in Barcelona!


You have now completed modules 1 through 3 of CISabroad’s Pre-departure Orientation!

We hope that these have been helpful, and that you’re now even more excited to get going on your adventure abroad! We know that we’ve covered a ton of information, so please come back to these modules as often as you’d like; there is a hyper-linked Table of Contents below if you want to go back through Module 3. We’d like to remind you that you will learn a lot more about everything we’ve covered when you arrive to your destination.

Visa Information N/A Mail Call! Arrival Information
Excursions Your Onsite Staff City Specific Info
Housing Social Media Global Insurance

Studying abroad is a very personal experience, and we hope that you learn, grow, and share your experiences with us and your friends and family!

In Module 4, we will be covering Re-Entry. We’ll give you tips on how to cope with reverse culture shock and how to use your experience abroad to better your future and to help others!

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