You’ve completed Intern in South Africa Module 3!


You have now completed modules 1 through 3 of CISabroad’s Pre-departure Orientation!

We hope that these have been helpful, and that you’re now even more excited to get going on your adventure abroad! We know that we’ve covered a ton of information, so please come back to these modules as often as you’d like; the Table of Contents is listed below if you want to go back through Module 3. We’d like to remind you that you will learn a lot more about everything we’ve covered when you arrive to your destination.

Visa Information Mail Call! Arrival Information
Excursions Your Onsite Staff City Specific Info
Housing Social Media Global Insurance

Studying abroad is a very personal experience, and we hope that you learn, grow, and share your experiences with us and your friends and family!

In Module 4, we will be covering Re-Entry. We’ll give you tips on how to cope with reverse culture shock and how to use your experience abroad to better your future and to help others!

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