Your Accommodation Information

A summary of your accommodation information is below, with links to the hotel websites:

Suzhou: May 17 – 29
Holiday Inn Express Suzhou- Changjiang
No 199 Changjiang Rd Gaoxin Ds
Suzhou 00000, China

Shanghai: May 29-June 1
The Bund Hotel
525 Guangdong Road, Huangpu District
Shanghai 200001, China
+86 21 63522000

Notes on Housing:

Your accommodations will be different than what you’ve come to expect in your home country. In general, be prepared for a relatively small living space in an older building with very basic amenities. Now is the time to open your mind and get ready to experience something different; this attitude is in the spirit of your decision to study abroad. Please also remember, that when you are abroad, you will be representing your home institution and your home country; behave appropriately.

In order to avoid disturbing the neighbors or housemates, please use headphones when listening to music, or keep the volume low, and please keep your voices down.

Helpful tips for living with other people:

  • Respect other guests and be mindful of noise level
  • Remember that you are not on a college campus and not in your own home. Respect the property and get out of the “college campus” mentality.
  • Talk to your roommates if they do something that bothers you. Talking it through is the easiest way to solve a small problem before it gets bigger.
  • Talk to the staff if a problem arises and you cannot work it out with your roommates