Your Accommodation Information

See below for a summary of your accommodation information for your time in Sicily.

Catania: June 4 – 9
Hotel Trieste
Via Leonardi 24
95131 Catania CT, Italy
Phone: +39 095 327105

Syracuse: June 9 – 17
Residence Acropoli: B&B Siracusa
Via Roma 15
96100 Syracuse SR, Italy
Phone: +39 0931 463830

Palermo: June 17 – 24
Hotel Joli
Via Michele Amari 11
90139 Palermo, Italy
Phone: +39 091 611 1765

Here are some general rules, tips, and expectations for your time abroad!

Use common sense – rules that apply when you’re traveling in the U.S. still apply in Sicily!


In order to avoid disturbing other guests, please use headphones when listening to music, or keep the volume low, and please keep your voices down.

Utilities and use:

  • NEVER leave heating or air conditioning units while you are not in the room. If you must have them on when you are sleeping, keep them low.
  • Always turn off the lights when you leave your room.


  • Keep your door locked at all times.  Neither the your university/CISabroad nor the the hotel will not be responsible for any stolen items.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw any object or substance from windows, balconies, terraces or roofs. This includes keys, cigarette butts or anything else big or small.

Guests and Alcohol Policies:

  • Disrespectful behavior related to alcohol consumption will end up in dismissal from the group accommodations and you will have to find your own housing at your own expense.
  • The consumption of drugs, as well as keeping or dealing with them, is absolutely prohibited.

Financial Liability:

  • You will have to pay for any damage done to the accommodations (doors, walls, floors, furniture, etc.).

Helpful tips for living with other people:

  • Respect your roommate and other people staying at the hotel.
  • Remember that you are not on a college campus and not in your own home. Respect the property and get out of the “college campus” mentality.
  • Talk to the staff if a problem arises and you cannot work it out with your roommate.