Your home while in Martinique

Recommendations and rules for living with your host family, integrating with the campus and getting around town.

Welcome from CIRECCA

CIRECCA welcomes you to Martinique, where your cultural and language exchange is taking place, organized for the group of students of the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, from May 21st to June 25 2016. CIRECCA coordinates the host family exchange among other things.

Organization chart

President : Mr Jean BERNABE
Tel : 05 96 72 75 00 (Office).
Expertise : All general questions concerning CIRECCA an its courses

General director: Mr René Morélot.
Tel : 05 96 72 75 06 (Office)  – 05 96 61 54 45 (home) /06 96 73 68 28 (mobile phone)
Expertise: All general questions concerning CIRECCA. Organization of the course.
All material related problems, educational issues –  Coordination between the students, host families and the Center.


As you are aware, you will be accommodated in a host family’s home. Remember that you are a guest in their home and it might take a few days to get settled in and find your groove. Students often say the best part of their study abroad experiences were their host families – and they keep in touch for years! 

For security reasons, we ask that you let your host family know your whereabouts/plan when you can. In the event of an emergency, or if you cannot be located, it’s important that someone knows what your plans were (not to pry into your business, really and truly this is for your safety).

Families ask that you please do not switch on the TV without asking permission from a family member. To save energy, please remember to switch off the lights when you leave a room. When you have stopped using water, remember to turn off the tap.


Breakfast and dinner will be served at your host family’s home (on Sundays and during public holidays lunch is also included). If you do not plan on being home for a meal, please be courteous to let your host family know well in advance.

You can have lunch at the university restaurant or the cafeteria on the campus. There are also snacks and restaurants in the Schoelcher town center and in the Madiana Congress center. Or, you can also find many other places to eat at in the center of Fort-de-France.


You shouldn’t use the family’s telephone line without permission (unless it is an emergency). For your personal telephone use you can buy a card (from the post office, gas stations, certain shops or from the campus cafeteria). To call the USA, dial 001 + area code + 7 numbers. When your parents call you (on the land line) from the USA they must dial 011+596 596+the 6 digit number of the person.

While a phone card will work just fine for you – let’s be honest…you’re used to your smart phones and might prefer to purchase a chip card for your personal mobile phone to use Skype/Whatsapp, etc. Interested? Meri can help with this!


Car rental is not permitted for students. You will have a Mozaïk bus pass to use during your stay in Martinique. You will need to validate the pass before you sit down in the bus each time you hop on board. The buses that go to the campus will have a sign or other indication marked “campus” on them. To stop the bus you’ll need to press on the stop button. Remember to check the timetables to be sure you get back to your accommodation in the evening! Meri will provide a full orientation to the bus passes and system during the first week you are in Martinique!

There are also taxis that you can use in the evening and they run on a meter. “Taxicos” can be used to get to other towns of the island. Their station is situated next to the Mozaïk bus station at the sea front of Fort-de-France. You can also go to the beach in Schoelcher (at Madiana or Anse Madame) or take a ferry from Fort-de-France to Trois-Ilets  to the beaches of Pointe du Bout or Anse à l’Ane. The crossing takes about 15 min and a roundtrip costs about $10.