Arrival and Departure Information

Arrival information

One group transfer from the Dublin airport to the Drury Court Hotel in Dublin centre will be arranged for the morning of Friday, March 6 and another for the morning of Friday, March 7.

A specific transfer time and instructions for each day will be confirmed once everyone has submitted their flight information. This information will be posted here and shared via e-mail.

Navigating between Dublin’s airport and city centre is nothing to be intimidated by! Furthermore, the Irish speak English (phewf!) and are a very hospitable people. If for any reason you miss either of the group transfers, please let your onsite staff know that you will be making your way to the hotel independently, and by which route you intend to travel, so we can estimate your time of arrival.

Getting to the Drury Hotel in Dublin independently:

A taxi from Dublin airport to Drury Court Hotel will cost about 35€ one-way and there will be plenty available outside of both Terminals 1 &2 when you have your belongings and are ready to travel into Dublin. Without traffic the journey takes about 20 minutes. In traffic the journey can take anywhere from 30-40 minutes. This option, while not the least expensive, is certainly the most convenient if you find yourself having to navigate from door-to-door independent of the group.

You also have the option of taking a bus into Dublin’s centre, which costs about 8€ one-way. The journey time takes between 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. There are multiple options for taking the bus and we recommend familiarizing yourself with them prior to travel just in case you need to use one when you arrive in Dublin.

Dublin Bus: Dublin Bus offers many routes throughout Dublin, including an AirLink express bus to Heuston and Connolly Rail Stations.

Airlink service will bring you direct from Dublin City Centre or Rail/Bus Stations to Dublin Airport (or vice versa)

Aircoach offers services from Dublin Airport to the city centre, South Dublin and Greystones on a 24-hour basis. Its city centre service stops at most of the major hotels in Dublin City and its Greystones service stops at key locations in the Dublin South/North Wicklow area.

Departure Information

There will be one group airport transfer arranged (early morning) on Saturday, March 14, to Shannon airport.

As the majority of participants are departing on 8AM flights, we will leave Limerick to accommodate the early departure time. A specific transfer time and instructions will be confirmed once everyone has submitted their flight information. This information will be posted here and shared onsite.