Meet Seaira!

Seaira Christian-Daniels, CISabroad On-Site Program Coordinator

seairaSeaira is an Ohio University alumna with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Certificate of Major in Spanish. In 2009, Seaira traveled to Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic, to help build schools for impoverished Dominicans in the village of  La Playa–the birthplace of Sammy Sosa! The trip made Seaira fall in love with Latin-American culture and language. As an undergraduate, she traveled to Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a semester overseas, where she was an English tutor for university students. Seaira’s love of travel, communicating and experiencing new cultures led her to her current position as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for CISabroad. Her office is located in Ohio University’s Walter International Education Center, where she serves students traveling abroad and helps them create their own international experiences. Seaira enjoys novels accompanied by chai tea, YouTubing TedTalks and a hearty serving of rice and beans–with a side of fried plantains.