Meet Jed!

Jed ReissIMG_20140812_191344, Customized Faculty-Led Programs Coordinator

Jed was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia in a seemingly typical ‘Aussie’ way: loving his sport, animals, travelling and the outdoors. He grew up playing many sports, but mainly focused on tennis, even coaching children for a few years. He followed his childhood dream by studying animals, graduating from Monash University with a Science degree majoring in Zoology. Jed’s interest in travel came about from a very early age due to his mother, who was born in The Netherlands. Despite moving to Australia, she always returned home, often taking her husband and children along too. It was here that Jed had discovered the idea of long and arduous journeys and adventures, and his ‘second home’. He has since visited The Netherlands about 6 times, backpacked through South East Asia for 3 months, and visited several places within Australia. But Jed always knew he would return again to Europe; to follow his roots and connect with his long distanced family, and experience the world’s most culturally and historically diverse continent. For the last 5 years, Jed has been living in Europe (able due to possessing dual nationalities). Based mainly in the small town of Enschede, he plays soccer, works when he can, enjoys spending time with his family nearby, and of course travel. He has worked as a manager in Venice, Italy for a year in a youth hostel, being responsible for everyone’s safety, wellbeing, and enjoyment (much like this upcoming job). He has visited more than 20 countries, including Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and even outside Europe to Morocco. One passion of Jed’s that has come about more since living in The Netherlands is cycling! Jed loves cycling! In 2014, he did a cycling event for charity, whereby participants would relay up and down the mountainous road, known as the Alp D’Huez in France (one of the toughest climbs in the Tour De France). The charity was on behalf of cancer sufferers and victims (something very personal to him). He also decided to combine his passions, by cycling and camping for over 1300km through Spain, Andorra, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands with only a tent, fishing rod and clothes.

Despite all his travels and adventures, Jed enjoys nothing more than doing things for others; giving them help, care and joy. He has been to London more than 10 times, each time as enjoyable as the last, and he looks forward to making your experience in London as enjoyable, safe and carefree as possible. Jed cannot wait to meet and find out more about you, and share this amazing opportunity with you!