Media resources for Germany

If someone from Iceland, Ghana, or Oman were to visit you in the States, wouldn’t you want them to understand some things about your culture before they arrived?

From popular culture, movies, YouTube videos, articles, blog posts, and travel guides, we can derive culture, cultural context and clues. We encourage you to do this as you prepare to visit someone else’s home country! Here’s a list of resources that may help you understand your host culture and ease the transition between home and host countries:

Lonely Planet Germany – An overview of what makes Germany such an awesome place to travel to!

YouTube – Did you know there are 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany? Learn more about all of them through these videos, and maybe plan to even visit some while you are abroad!

The Local – German news in English.

German Language Apps – Download one, or all, of these apps to help you understand some of the local language!

More fun German apps! – If apps are your thing, click here to find more that will be helpful for your time abroad!