Booking Airfare

“Please hold!”

What we mean is, please wait until you have been accepted into your program and you’ve been given the green light by your Program Enrollment Coordinator before booking airfare.

Would you like assistance booking your flight? If so, we recommend booking through our close partner, Student Universe. They offer discounted tickets to students, as well as other benefits.

Students often find they want to extend their time abroad to travel with new friends that they have made, or to explore places they didn’t visit during the program. Student Universe offers flexible ticket options that allow students to change their return flight more easily, and for less money.


“Be prepared for anything and missing a flight is not the end of the world! I missed my flight from jo-burg to Cape Town and I got another flight free but my luggage was not on the flight. Bring an extra set of clothes in your carry-on just in case!” – Brittany Mitchell, Semester in South Africa.

Student Universe can also assist you with Travelers insurance.  What is Travelers insurance you ask? It protects your possessions. If you are worried about your belongings or are bringing a lot of expensive gear (like a really nice camera), you might want to think about getting travelers insurance. Remember, we provide all students with personal health insurance, but some students choose to purchase additional insurance for their possessions.

Trip insurance can be purchased to cover your flight or entire program overseas and allows you be refunded if you are not able to use the ticket that you purchased.

Would you like to get in touch with Student Universe? Click here!

Please note that it is not required to book with this organization; they are merely an option for you.