Transportation in Oman

Planes, trains, and automobiles…what’s the best way to get around?


Getting around Oman takes some practice as there are many different kinds of transportation and things move very quickly.  However, it is definitely possible to explore the entire country of Oman using public and private transportation. The roads have many signs for popular tourist destinations and most road signs are written in English and Arabic. People are friendly too, and will stop to answer questions about directions.

In Muscat it is easier and although there are shared taxis and buses, most people take private taxis. These will get you to where you want to go quickly and efficiently. Another option are the baiza buses, which go from one side of Muscat to the other, and are quite affordable. Learning to hail a taxi is one of the cultural experiences of being in Oman and something you’ll learn much more about onsite!

Outside of Muscat there are shared taxis as well as larger buses with set routes that mostly run on time. These buses are quite comfortable and can be booked ahead of time although it is not usually necessary. In general transportation around Oman is safe, but it is still a good idea to be conscious of the safety of you and your possessions.


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