London Excursions

Your London onsite staff will be arranging a number of excursions and social activities at no extra cost!

You will visit beautiful Wales for a weekend excursion!

Join us for afternoon tea!

Our students love to take photos and we love to share them! To view photos of the campus and our past trips check out our Flickr.

Apart from the cultural activities and excursions that are part of your CISabroad experience you can sign up and purchase an excursions package through your London university. Your program coordinator will email you information on how to sign up for the university’s “Social Programme” directly. Please note that the social program is an additional fee and is not paid for by CIS.

There are a number of weekly or bi-weekly cultural activities that are available for students as well.  The cultural activities vary from semester to semester and program to program. Past cultural activities included, trips to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, a Picnic in Hyde Park, The changing of The Guard, the Jack the Ripper tour, Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and Portobello Market.

Living La Vida Local  is a big part of studying abroad.  While we want to make sure you see everything there is to see it is also important that you experience the culture. We try to make sure our cultural activities and excursions give you the real London experience.