SUNY Arrival and Departure Information

Arrival information

One group transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to your hotel is arranged for the morning of your arrival in Paris. A group departure is also scheduled, on the morning of departure.

Try to stay with your group as you navigate through immigration to baggage claim. As you exit baggage claim and customs (you should have nothing to declare), look for your onsite program coordinator who will be holding a sign with your University’s name and the CISabroad logo on it.

Save a copy of your group itinerary and ticket confirmation (click here)

Getting to Paris from the airport independently:

If you miss the group transfer for any reason, you will need to make your way to your accommodations independently. The least expensive way to do so is via the RER B train and Métro system. Detailed directions can be found on the Paris-by-Train website, and also on the EasyCDG website.

If you are less comfortable taking public transportation, you do have the option of a taxi service. Pay close attention to the information provided by the airport in terms of what taxis are “allowed” to transfer passengers into Paris. You can find that information here.

Be sure you have your accommodation address (provided in your daily itinerary) and the nearest Métro stop written down (hint: print a copy of the daily itinerary page in this module to carry on you during travel) so that you know where you are going.

Departure Information

A group departure is scheduled for your group, on the morning of departure. The specific time will be listed in your daily itinerary – pay attention, you don’t want to miss the transfer to the airport and risk missing your flight home!