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You are going to have the time of your life and make lasting friendships and memories. As you prepare don’t forget to check out CISabroad’s blog for packing tips, travel advice, inspiration, and fundraising tips from #cisabroadalumni and much more!

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Watch for CISabroad photo contests and Instagram campaigns! Here are the most common CISabroad hashtags: #CISabroad, #Myworldmyview, #thankyoucisabroad Check with your site director and Group Facebook Page and post photos there with captions! You will make a difference for a future traveler!

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Are you a natural photographer or videographer but didn’t get the scholarship award?

Contact our Marketing Department to learn ways you can earn cash as a current student and future alum!

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CISabroad loves to share current student experiences with potential students. These potential students are thinking about making the leap to study abroad, but might still be hesitant out of fear of the unknown. Sharing in your experiences through your blog can help give them the information they need to take that next step. Whether you received a scholarship or you are already a natural writer, we’d love to follow you and profile you on our social media channels. Enter your blog link here.

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We sure hope so! There are few better ways to preserve the incredible memories you’re about to make than to photograph your journey. If you plan to take photos on your camera or phone, keep in mind that CISabroad holds an annual Photo Competition at the end of the year! If you’d like to see past entries and winners, click here. When you tag your photos on social media sites include: #cisabroad, #cisabroadselfie, #myworldmyview #thankyoucisabroad to name a few and we will re-gram your photos, you’ll be #CISfamous.

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Visit yours today, alumni are also on this facebook page, so please don’t be shy, ask questions! Get ready!

Are you involved in Greek life?

If you are, then we encourage you to pack a letter shirt for your trip! Wear your letter shirt or throw what you know and enter those photos! You can also add your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with the hashtag #ThrowWhatYouKnow in conjunction with #CISabroad and use it to connect with other CISabroad Greeks around the world!

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