Summer in Chiang Mai Excursions

There are many amazing excursions built into this program! The program excursions are designed to introduce you to Thai history and culture, and to allow you to experience for yourself some of the amazing things that can only be done in Thailand!

You will have the chance to visit an elephant sanctuary, trek to hill tribes, learn the art of Thai Lanna dancing, visit ancient temples, explore the wonders of Bangkok, visit markets, and more. Truly, this program has something for everyone!

Some of your excursions may include:

  • Chiang Mai City Tour
  • Elephant Sanctuary
  • Thai Food Cooking Course
  • Trekking to Hill Tribes
  • Bangkok City Tour
  • Visits to Palaces and Temples

Here are some sights that will soon be familiar to you:

Thailand Chiang Mai Temple

Visit local temples and hill tribes!

Thailand Elephants

Learn to direct elephants at a local, responsible elephant sanctuary!

Thailand Elephants in Water

Learn to cook Thai food to share with friends and family once you get back home!

Thai Cooking Class

For more pictures of students on excursions, please see the CISabroad Thailand Facebook page.