Summer in Limerick Onsite Staff



Ireland Onsite Staff John Hayes

Meet your Ireland Site Director: John Hayes!

John was born and raised in Ireland.  He grew up on a dairy farm in Tipperary before heading to college. He studied at the National University of Ireland, Galway and University of Limerick.  John adores travelling and has lived and worked in five different European countries.  He has taught in Spain, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, worked on farms in The Netherlands and has led study abroad programs in the British Isles and Austria.  John believes both International education and travel are essential in today’s world and is on hand to help smooth our participants’ path whilst abroad.

John is married to Anja. 15 years and counting! Together they have a teen (Nathan 14) and tween (Lauren 12). When John isn’t dealing with teen v tween friction and angst he loves watching westerns, war films and watching/tweeting about sports. He’s completely crazy about almost all sports and promises to take participants to see a match of one kind or another.