Summer in Limerick Excursions

While spending your summer in Ireland with CISabroad, you will be able to take a break from your studies and go on a few excursions, organized by the University of Limerick, to see what the rest of Ireland has to offer. The summer schedule for each term is usually finalized in April, but you may click the following link to see the 2019 schedule for a sense of what is to come: Summer School Schedule 2019

In addition to an orientation session and adventure with your CISabroad site director, you will participate in three excursions arranged by the University of Limerick team.

There may also be excursions offered by the University of Limerick that are not included in the program cost: in 2019, one of these excursions took students to Cork City and Blarney Castle, and the other to Galway City.  Confirmation of which additional excursions will be offered and what they might cost will be released closer to your arrival time.