Hawai’i Program Excursions

You have arrived in Hawai’i. Now, it’s time to explore!

Hawai’i has a rich culture and environment, and you will have many opportunities to explore Waikiki and the surrounding areas!Hawaii Excursions Ocean

As part of your CISabroad program, you will participate in some excursions with your fellow students and on-site staff. Excursions are not finalized until students are onsite, but you will have some¬†amazing excursions built into this program! The program excursions are designed to introduce you to Hawai’i’s rich¬† history and culture and to allow you to experience for yourself some of the amazing things that can only be done in Hawai’i. You will have the opportunity to express your preferences for certain excursions once onsite.

Excursion options include but are not limited to:

    • Volcano hikes
    • Snorkeling
    • Horseback riding on the beach
    • Camping Trips
    • Optional weekend trip to another island

Hawaii Excursions Volcano


Hawaii Excursions Snorkeling