Arrival in Hawai’i

You have arrived! It’s time to start your amazing adventure!

Your airport pick up will be organized by your program coordinator. You will have email sent to you confirming your airport pick and where to meet the airport shuttle company.

Airport Shuttle Company Name: King Airport Shuttle
Phone Number: 808 352 4670
Lisa Beardsley: 808-255-3701

When you land you get off of the plane you will need to notify 3 people:
1. Family (mom, dad, brother, sister) – Let them know you landed safely
2. Lisa, your site director, you can shoot her a quick text letting her know you landed (it is best to include your
name just in case she doesn’t have your number saved)
3. King Airport Shuttle – Please give them a call when you land.

The shuttle company will bring you to Hawai’i Waikiki Vista: 2241 Kaiolani Blvd Honolulu HI 96826

Airport pickup is included in the CISabroad program fee, but we cannot guarantee airport pickup for anyone that arrives outside of the designated arrival times. To help us make sure we meet you at the airport, please fill out the Travel Information form in your portal if you have not done so already.

Your bags may decide to take a later flight (don’t panic). If the airline loses your luggage you must file a report with the airline while you are still in the baggage area. It is much more difficult to file this report once you’ve left the baggage claim area.

If your flight is delayed, please make sure to call the CISabroad Emergency phone so that we can inform our onsite team of your delay. We will do everything we can to pick you up from the airport, even if your flight is delayed, but if we cannot meet you there, we will provide you with detailed information on how to take transportation to your housing.

A Pre-Arrival sheet will be e-mailed to you, 1-2 weeks before you arrive onsite. This will contain more detailed information on your arrival as well as specific phone numbers and contact information if there are any issues with your flight or airport pickup.

For extra information on airports around the world, including maps and estimated arrival times, check out the website,