Summer in London – University of Westminster Excursions

As part of their package, the University of Westminster invites all students to participate in the following activities:

The University of Westminster offers a Social Program at an additional cost– click on this link and go to the “For the Summer Programme” tab to see what excursions are being offered this year.

If you are interested in the University of Westminster social programme, and did not indicate this at the time that you applied, please let your program coordinator know ASAP!  It may be too late to include you in the social programme at this stage, but the sooner we request this, the better!  Payment must be collected prior to arrival onsite.  You can only purchase the social programme as a full package, and cannot pick and choose the events you prefer.

Please also note that the first  Westminster social programme event of the term may overlap with your CIS Abroad orientation.

As part of your Summer in London Study Abroad experience, you’ll have plenty of La Vida Local activities to take part in during your time in London. These may include: picnics in the park, trips to museums or art galleries, free concerts, markets or street fairs, and much more!


Out students love to take photos and we love to share them! For photos of our past trips and more please visit our Flickr .