Stirling, Scotland City Information

The city of Stirling is located in central Scotland and is clustered around a large fortress and medieval old-town. It has been described as “the brooch which brings the Highlands and the Lowlands together.”

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Did you know that the mascot of Stirling is the wolf? Legend goes that when Stirling was under attack from Viking invaders, a wolf howled, alerting the townspeople in time to save the town.


Stirling used to be the capital of Scotland and has a castle that rivaled any building in Europe at the time. The city is home to a medieval parish church where King James VI was crowned King of Scots on July 29, 1567. The Holy Rude still functions as a living church with a service every Sunday.

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The University of Stirling campus is stunningly beautiful, with castles, lakes, green fields and forests surrounding the school. It was even called “one of the most beautiful campuses in Britain” by the Good University Guide in 2011.

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Keep in mind that temperatures in Scotland stay pretty mild. The average high temperature for summer is only about 73 degrees F and for winter about 45 degrees F.

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Check out this lovely video for a little more info about the weather in Scotland!

Bus Transportation:

The University of Stirling is served by excellent bus links from the city center. About 19 buses run per hour between the campus and center of Stirling. Students can also receive discounted fares.

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The train is a great way to explore the area or get to other nearby cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London.

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Taxis are widely available in the town center. There is a taxi stand in front of the station and also in Murray Place. You can also reserve a taxi by telephone.

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