South Korea Suggested Packing List

Packing Suggestions for Your South Korean Adventure

Moving on to the age-old question: “But what do I pack?!”

The following list is a good place to start:

  • Comfortable walking shoes! You will be walking everywhere in Seoul, and should leave
    uncomfortable shoes at home. Pro-tip: walk around the housing in your dress shoes with thicker socks than you would normally wear with them to stretch them out a bit ahead of time!
  • Layers are great for long days when the weather can change drastically from morning to
    afternoon. Think lightweight shirts, a jacket, 1-2 pairs of pants, shorts, active clothing.
  • You should consider packing 1-2 “dress up outfits” for special events/dinners
  • Sunscreen and sun hat. Sunscreen is expensive in South Korea. Bring some with you to start!
  • Rain Jacket. This is less clunky than an umbrella and you can keep your hands free!
  • Scarf (lightweight). To be used when visiting temples, museums, etc. where your shoulders
    must be covered.
  • Bath/beach towel. All other linens are provided in your apartment.
  • Small bag to pack in for overnight trips. If you have an opportunity to travel independently
    during your program, this may be a backpack you carry on the plane with you as your carry-on
  • Shower shoes for shared showers at hostels whether staying in a hostel is part of your
    travel plans or not, it’s always good to have a pair of rubber flip-flops just in case!
  • Travel size toiletries. You never know where your checked bag may choose to take a side trip
    and meet you in-country later, so be sure you have some basics in your carry-on to get you through 1-2 days in
    case your checked luggage gets delayed.
  • Journal: Never write on paper? Not the kind of person to keep a scrapbook?  Try it.  Jot down your thoughts each day, you’ll be surprised how valuable it will be 5, 10, 30 years down the line to look back and read over your handwritten notes of your time abroad!
  • Finally, please pack light!  Remember that the less you bring with you, the more you can bring back…