Sharing Your Story on Campus



Each time you share your international story on campus, you contribute to the internationalization of the campus and further the dialogue around the importance of global education.

Collaborating With Others

Apply a global lens to your existing engagements on campus. Your campus job, your clubs and organizations, and your fraternity or sorority all serve as ample opportunities to share your international experience. Each time you share your story, you learn a bit more about yourself and you advance the conversation on campus.

In the grid below, identify your clubs, organizations, or events on campus where you could share your international story and then how you could go about sharing your story. This could be as small as bringing French cheese to your monthly business club meeting or as large as arranging a study abroad informational session for your sorority. Below is an example to help you get started. Brainstorm ideas and implement them!


Collaborating With Other Worksheet



Source: Making Meaning Of Education Abroad: A Journal for the Returnee Experience