Semester in Stirling Housing

Here are some general rules, tips, and expectations to help you become accustomed to your new home!

Student accommodation at the University of Stirling varies semester to semester depending on availability. All students are guaranteed housing.

What is included?

*    All utlitities
Access to wireless university internet network
*    Operations staff on duty 24 hours a day
*    Assistance with cleaning
*    Bedding (duvet & pillow) & bed linen (sheets, covers & pillows)

*Kitchen utensils not included– although check out the Green and Blue Space for good deals on used items donated by previous students!

*Drinks and confectionery vending machines are available in and around the majority of residences.

*Geddes Court and Andrew Stewart Hall have games rooms with pool tables and table tennis. They can also supply board games at students’ request.

*For those of you who are offered spots in Premium Housing, you will have private bathrooms and bedrooms.  Standard Housing includes private bedrooms.  Most Standard rooms also come with a wash-hand basin.  All residence halls include shared kitchens.

For more information about each residence hall, including floor plans, please click on the following links!

Alexander Court

Union Street Development

Willow Court

*Please be sure to let us know of any special needs as elevators are only provided at Willow Court and Beech Court

There are pros and cons to both on and off-campus housing. Off-campus housing is closer to the town center and is only a 10-minute bus ride to campus (stops are located nearby). There are approximately 19 buses running per hour to campus.

Learn more about transportation to/ around the University of Stirling here.

Also, check out a handy map of the campus here!  This page also has information about the shuttle bus that runs around campus and to off-campus housing!

If you need to contact the residences, check here for your Reception Desk phone number:

Residence Location Contact Reception Desk at Phone Number
Alexander Court Alexander Court 01786 466094
Beech Court Beech Court 01786 466972
Willow Court
Muirhead House
Polwarth House
Willow Court 01786 467060
Andrew Stewart Hall
Fraser of Allander House
H H Donnelly House
Pendreich Way Chalets
Andrew Stewart Hall 01786 466960
Geddes Court
Spittal Hill Chalets
Geddes Court 01786 466980
Union Street Development
Thistle Chambers
Union Street Development 01786 447633
John Forty’s Court
Lyon Crescent
John Forty’s Court 01786 449471
9 Union Street
Bridge of Allan
Cottrell Porters Reception Desk 01786 467000
Cottrell Porters Reception Desk 01786 467000

The University of Stirling does not offer meal plans and most students cook together in shared kitchens. Don’t despair, though! There are plenty of places around campus to grab a bite to eat. You can explore them here.

Please note that although CISabroad makes every effort to provide your preferred form of housing, we cannot guarantee that all personal preferences are met. We have carefully selected safe and adequate housing for each student and each living arrangement is distinct and special in its own way.

Every housing placement is different with different pros and cons. Your accommodations will be different than what you’ve come to expect in your home country. In general, be prepared for a relatively small living space in an older building with very basic amenities. Now is the time to open your mind and get ready to experience something different; this attitude is in the spirit of your decision to study abroad. Please also remember, that when you are abroad, you will be representing your home institution and your home country; behave appropriately.

There are no housing changes allowed during the first 2 weeks of the program. There is a natural adjustment period to life abroad and making any housing change decisions during this time is usually premature.

Keep your room and the common areas clean; this is especially important when you are sharing a bedroom, apartment, residence, or dormitory.

In order to avoid disturbing the neighbors or housemates, please use headphones when listening to music, or keep the volume low, and please keep your voices down.

Utilities and use:

  • Heating and air conditioning should be used sparingly. NEVER leave heating or air conditioning units while you are not home. If you must have them on when you are sleeping, keep them low.
  • Always turn off the lights when you leave the apartment and when you are not in the room.

Laundry Facilities
Communal laundry facilities can be found at the following residences and cost £2.20 per wash and £1.00 for a dry

  • Willow Court
  • Alexander Court
  • Thistle Chambers
  • John Forty’s Court
  • Union Street Development
  • Spittal Hill

In all laundries (with the exception of Thistle Chambers) the machines are operated using a prepaid laundry card. In the first instance these cards cost £5 (which includes a wash & dry) and can be loaded with credit by visiting the Circuit Laundry website.


The University employs its own security team. They are on duty at all times and can be contacted on 01786 467003 or via your Operations Assistants desk. More information can be found here

The University also operates a Safe Taxi Scheme which is designed to support students who find themselves in difficulty and who need to get home safely. Find phone numbers to have on hand and learn more about the program here.

  • You should lock the apartment door at all times. Also, when leaving the apartment, make sure the windows are closed and locked. Neither the study abroad company nor the housing company will not be responsible for any stolen items.
  • The front doors to halls are locked at 7pm each weeknight and all day over the weekend.  However, your keys will gain you access at any time.
  • If the keys to the apartment are stolen, lost or misplaced, all locks to the apartment will have to be replaced at the student’s expense, including key copies for all apartment members.
  • If the keys are left inside the apartment/bedroom and the locksmith has to open the door for you, you will have to pay for this service.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw any object or substance from windows, balconies, terraces or roofs. This includes keys, cigarette butts or anything else big or small.

Guests and Alcohol Policies:

  • Disrespectful behavior related to alcohol consumption will end up in dismissal from the housing and you will have to find your own housing at your own expense.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the apartment.
  • The consumption of drugs, as well as keeping or dealing with them, is absolutely prohibited
  • There are procedures in place if you wish to have an overnight guest, please refer to your Operations Assistant for further information.  Please note that we do not allow any overnight guests during fresher’s week (either semester) or during exam periods in December and May.  Guest rooms are available in Andrew Stewart Hall and H H Donnelly House and can be pre-booked at Accommodation Services. Availability of these rooms is limited and bookings are not accepted for Fresher’s Week in either semester.

Financial Liability:

  • You will have to pay for any damage done to the apartment (doors, walls, floors, furniture, kitchen supplies, washing machine, etc.).
  • FOR PROGRAMS WITH HOUSING DEPOSITS. If extra time is needed to clean the apartment, or if items are damaged or missing, you will be charged and those charges will be deducted from your housing deposit. Housing deposits will be returned 12-16  weeks after the program has ended

Helpful tips for living with other people:

  • Respect your hosts and the other people that live in the building.
  • Remember that you are not on a college campus and not in your own home. Respect the property and get out of the “college campus” mentality.
  • Talk to your roommates if they do something that bothers you. Talking it through is the easiest way to solve a small problem before it gets bigger.
  • Talk to the staff if a problem arises and you cannot work it out with your roommates.

Warning process:

  • If any of the above rules are broken, you will receive a first verbal warning. This warning will also be written and sent to your sending study abroad program and your home school.
  • The second infraction of any of the above rules will result in you being evicted from your apartment. You will need to find a new place to live at your own expense.
  • Please read through all of our behavior policies noted in the CISabroad Policy Handbook, linked inside of the attachment to your acceptance email