Semester in South Africa Housing

Here are some general rules, tips, and expectations to help you become accustomed to your new home! Please note that although CISabroad makes every effort to provide your preferred form of housing, we cannot guarantee that all personal preferences are met. We have carefully selected safe and adequate housing for each student and each living arrangement is distinct and special in its own way.

concordia academia

You will be living in Concordia, a 5-10 minute walk from campus on the Green Route, which are patrolled 24 hours a day! You will find out your roommate assignments when you arrive on site.

  • Rooms are 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom flats, fully-furnished. Students only share with other international students. Apartments are single-sex, but the residence halls are co-ed. 
  • Rooms come with a bed, study desk and chair, and wardrobe with hanging and drawer space. Dining tables and chairs are also provided.
  • BRING A PADLOCK! The main door to student apartment works with a door code.
  • Students will share a kitchen and bathroom in most cases.
  • There are laundry machines located within your residence.
  • Concordia has a laundry room with washing machines and tumble driers. Students can charge ZAR600 to their student accounts for use for one semester.
  • Internet access is provided through WiFi/Ethernet cables in each room.
  • Note that there is no central heating in any of the rooms, but heaters are provided.
  • You should make use of the House Committee! The House Committee assists the Head Warden by ensuring that all students adhere to residence rules and regulations. You may approach any member of the House Committee to assist you after hours and on weekends.
  • You should inform the Postgraduate & International Office when you will be vacating their apartment in writing (, at least 2 working days in advance in order to arrange for room inspection. The apartment will be checked before departure and students will be held responsible for all damages.
  • Take note that you are required to vacate accommodation by noon of the last day of contract.

Do I Get a Meal Plan?

There is not a meal plan with this program. Students have their own kitchen in their housing and access to numerous restaurants. Concordia lessees will be provided with bed linen and kitchen utensils at a cost of R130 per month. This is NOT optional and will be charged against your student account.

Financial Liability:

  • You will have to pay for any damage done to the apartment (doors, walls, floors, furniture, kitchen supplies, washing machine, etc.).
  • FOR PROGRAMS WITH HOUSING DEPOSITS: If extra time is needed to clean the apartment, or if items are damaged or missing, you will be charged and those charges will be deducted from your housing deposit. Housing deposits will be returned 8-12 weeks after the program has ended.

Helpful tips for living with other people:

  • Respect your hosts and the other people that live in the building.
  • Remember that you are not on a college campus and not in your own home. Respect the property and get out of the “college campus” mentality.
  • Talk to your roommates if they do something that bothers you. Talking it through is the easiest way to solve a small problem before it gets bigger.
  • Talk to the staff if a problem arises and you cannot work it out with your roommates.

Warning process:

  • If any of the above rules are broken, you will receive a first verbal warning. This warning will also be written and sent to your sending study abroad program and your home school.
  • The second infraction of any of the above rules will result in you being evicted from your apartment. You will need to find a new place to live at your own expense.
  • Please read through all of our behavior policies noted in the CISabroad Policy Handbook, linked inside of the attachment to your acceptance email.