Semester in Perugia Excursions

During your stay in Perugia, you will have many opportunities to take part in CISabroad excursions and activities.

During your CISabroad orientation on site, your on site staff will outline the semester’s excursions and La Vida Local activities to partake in. La Vida Local Activities will give you you the chance to experience the Italian culture like a true local. These activities will be organized by Romina, and she will send out email notifications asking you to RSVP, so we can make appropriate accommodations and reservations as needed.

One local activity during the fall semester is the world’s largest EuroChocolate festival, which is located right in Perugia. CISabroad students have the opportunity to attend the festival, where you will taste incredible chocolates and chocolate drinks. You will also attend chocolate workshops, where you will learn the art of chocolate making from some of the most famous chocolate manufacturers around the world!

For other events happening in and around Perugia, check out this calendar!