Semester in Lima Visa

Do you need a visa to study in Peru?

For the Semester in Lima program, you WILL NOT need to obtain a visa. Please make sure you have a valid passport for your travels and check to ensure it will not expire any time soon.


When you land in Lima, you will go through Immigration. Anyone with a US passport will get either a 30, 60, 90 or 180 day entrance visa. The exact amount of time given is usually longer than you intend to stay (they’ll ask how long you plan to be there for), however it is up to the immigration officer¬†to decide exactly how long your visa will be for.

Normally students receive 180 day visas, but occasionally the immigration officer will give a shorter stay visa. If this is the case, you have two options. One is to apply for an extended visa in Lima. This is fairly easy and costs about $50 to do so. The second option is to pay a $1 USD fine for every day you stay over your visa. For example if you get the 90 day visa but stay in Peru for 140 days, you would owe the Peruvian government $50 at the time of departure.

IMPORTANT: CISabroad will advise students on visa procedures for travel requirements for your CISabroad program only. CISabroad is not responsible for advising students on visa issues if they plan to travel internationally before or after the program dates.

These instructions are intended for US passport holders. International students must also be aware of additional documentation and/or processing time needed for their visas. Please contact your Program Coordinator to discuss your visa.