Semester in Florence at ISI Arrival


Airport Reception

Upon arrival at the airport in Florence, you will stand in line at passport control. Once through passport control, you will proceed to the baggage claim. After retrieving your bags, exit through the customs area. After you exit customs, you will find a representative of the school with a sign (ISI-Florence). The representative’s name is Caterina Brogi ( If you do not immediately see Caterina when you exit do not panic or be concerned.

If, after 30 minutes you still have not met Caterina, do not hesitate to contact her at ( or call the Institute number at (+ For any kind of emergency, please do not hesitate to contact the ISI Emergency Phone +39.348.897.2155: if you have an American cell phone you need to dial 011 before the number.

To call from a phone booth, you must purchase a phone card. Simply go to any little airport shop and ask for a 5 Euro phone card, “una scheda telefonica da cinque euro.”  If you have submitted your flight information, and are arriving within the appropriate window, you should not experience a problem with pickup.

Airport pickup is included in the CISabroad program fee, but we cannot guarantee airport pickup for anyone that arrives outside of the designated arrival times. To help us make sure we meet you at the airport, please submit the travel information form on the portal if you have not done so already.

CISabroad Emergency Contact On-site

Please contact your Florence Site Director, Alessandro Bruno, if you have any delays or cancellations with your flight. Please Whatsapp, call, or email him as soon as a change has been made to your flight (if applicable) as they will be picking you up at the airport. His contact information is below:


CISabroad Italy Emergency Phone
+39 340-455-380 (calls ONLY)
Alessandro Bruno
+39 346-788-4399 (WhatsApp or calls)

****Have this contact information on you at ALL times when you travel.****

If your bags may decide to take a later flight, don’t panic. If the airline loses your luggage you must file a report with the airline while you are still in the baggage area. It is much more difficult to file this report once you’ve left the baggage claim area. The information you will need to provide on that form include the following:

Your Name
c/o International Studies Institute
Via della Vigna Nuova, 18
Firenze, Italy

If your flight is delayed, please make sure to call the CISabroad Emergency phone so that we can inform our onsite team of your delay. We will do everything we can to pick you up from the airport, even if your flight is delayed, but if we cannot meet you there, we will provide you with detailed information on how to take transportation to your housing.

A Pre-Arrival sheet will be e-mailed to you, 1-2 weeks before you arrive onsite. This will contain more detailed information on your arrival as well as specific phone numbers and contact information if there are any issues with your flight or airport pickup.

For extra information on airports around the world, including maps and estimated arrival times, check out the website,

Program Departure

When you depart at the end of your program, you will be responsible for your own transportation back to the airport. Students usually share taxis back to the airport together to be cost effective!