Semester in Ecuador Visa

Do you need a visa to study in Ecuador?

For programs under 90 days (such as summer and most intern programs) you will not need to obtain a visa. However, for the Semester in Ecuador study programs you WILL need to get a visa. This visa can be obtained before departure or upon arrival in Ecuador.

CISabroad will provide you with an official acceptance letter from your university, which you should carry with you as you travel. Upon arrival in Ecuador, you should show them your acceptance letter and ask for the maximum number of days for a tourist visa. Then:

USFQ students – the university will facilitate the visa process upon arrival. You will need to provide them with the specific application documents requested and they will facilitate the visa process on your behalf.

UIDE students – you will need to renew your visa while you are in Ecuador. Our Site Director Diana will help facilitate this process.

Should you choose to pursue getting a student visa on your own before departure, CIS Abroad will help by providing you with the documentation needed to accompany your visa. The visa process is not difficult, however, it does require quite a few documents and time to complete. In particular, most consulates require an FBI background check, which can take months to complete so you should start this process early. All participants should contact their local Ecuadorian Consulate as well because each consulate has slightly different procedures, including cost, the documents required, and whether or not an in person visit is necessary or everything can be mailed in.


Be on the lookout for future communication from CIS Abroad about the documents you should make sure to have with you as you travel and apply for your visa in-country.

In addition to the visa, please make sure you have a valid passport for your travels and ensure it will not expire before or 6 months after your program ends.


IMPORTANT: CISabroad will only advise students on visa procedures for travel requirements for their CISabroad program only. CISabroad is not responsible for advising students on visa issues if they plan to travel internationally before or after the program dates.

These instructions are intended for US passport holders. International students must also be aware of additional documentation and/or processing time needed for their visas. Please contact your Program Coordinator to discuss your visa.

Please note that all consulates have varying visa processing times and/or requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their assigned consulate’s visa processing period and to send in their complete visa application well enough in advance to allow adequate time for processing. Each consulate lists the visa processing period on their website. Note: Required documents for your visa are always subject to change at the discretion of the consulate.