**TEMPLATE** Program Name Excursions

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Questions to answer about this programs excursion options – remember OUR VOICE! Don’t just list these questions and then list answers, TALK to your audience. Get them excited! Need help? Get the bulk of the information in here and then ask Karen (another set of creative eyes) to go over the copy with you):

How many are there and what kind? Is it a set number or does it vary?

Are the excursions already set? If so, what are they? Can we provide photos from past excursions that went to these locations?

Who will the participant go on the excursion with?

Are there additional excursion options that a participant can sign up for? beforehand or onsite? if before, how do they do it?

What sort of cultural activities will there be? do all participants do certain things (like a cooking class) or do the cultural activities vary depending on the program.

Are these cultural activities included in the program fee or are they extra?

How does La Vida Local play into excursions and activities?