Show me the money! Scholarships, Grants, and Fundraising

While there may not be enough scholarships or grants in the world to fund every student’s study abroad experience, the truth is, so many scholarships go unclaimed because students don’t apply for them.

What the what?!  Yep.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get a little dough before you go! Check out  our list of CISabroad Scholarships and Grants. 70% of our students who apply for scholarships, receive a scholarship of some kind. We also have grants that award you for getting your application in early, bringing a friend, going again, and winning other important scholarships. You can also find dozens of other links to scholarship opportunities that go unclaimed each year. We’ve linked many at the bottom of the following page: CISabroad Scholarships and Grants.

Some students are so motivated, they do their own fundraising. Fund My Travel is an online crowdfunding platform developed to suit the needs of students who want to study, intern, or volunteer abroad. Use your already built-in network of friends and family to fundraise. Read more