Rome, Italy City Specific Information

Benvenuti a Roma!

Rome is the capital of Italy and is one of the greatest urban centers in Europe.  It’s a large, metropolitan city and is considered one of the most culturally rich cities in the world.  It’s famous for its historical city center that includes the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi fountain, and its epic history. Rome is split by the River Tiber. CISabroad students will live in Trastevere, a hidden gem of a neighborhood, often overlooked by tourists.

Trastevere is only a short tram/bus ride or 20 minute walk from the historic city center. Trastevere maintains its historical character thanks to its charming narrow streets.

In the evening, locals and other travelers can be spotted all over the neighborhood hanging in the piazzas or at the numerous restaurants and boutiques grabbing an after dinner gelato or espresso.

A perfect day in Trastevere

Interactive map of Trastevere

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CISabroad Tip: If you have not invested already in a reusable water bottle, now is the best time to do it. Rome is filled with nasoni or constantly flowing public water fountains that are free to all. If you purchase two bottles of water a day at 1.25 each, that’s roughly $20/week you could be saving or spending on gelato.

The most commonly used form of transportation in Rome is the bus. Rome’s extensive bus routes connect the University to the historic center and extend far into the surrounding suburbs. Bus stops, departure schedules and route information are found on well-marked signs throughout the city. There are two main buses that serve the University: the #44 and #75. The 44 leaves from Piazza Venezia and continues past the University toward Portuense. The 75 starts at the Stazione Termini train station, passes by the University and then continues another half-mile. Remember to validate your tickets and board the buses in the front or at the back and to exit at the middle.  Failure to do so may result in citations and fees from the city.
The tram #8 runs from 5:30am to midnight. It departs from Piazza  Venezia, where Mussolini used to give his speeches and goes along Viale di Trastevere and the Circonvallazione Gianicolense to Casaletto, its final stop. This tram is very useful to our students, as many of the AUR housing accommodations are located within walking distance of this tram line.

ATAC: Rome Public Transportation Information (English Version doesn’t work in all web browsers) Google Maps works well too when planning routes.

Keep up with what’s going on in Rome with this English Publication: Romeing: Ultimate Guide to Rome’s cultural scene, events, and lifestyle