People and Culture in Greece

Known for its ancient history of civilization, iconic and amazing landscapes, and Mediterranean cuisine, Greece will ignite your desire to learn and to explore.

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“Do your best to fully immerse yourself in the culture and take advantage of the opportunities abroad. This is your chance to experience many new things: new people, new food, new places, new traditions, new languages, new everything! Even if you feel physically or emotionally tired, get out there, leave your fear at home, and bring a positive attitude. Don’t take anything for granted. Even the most seemingly insignificant experience will become a highly valuable memory in the future.” – Debora C., Intern in Barcelona Alumna.

Remember how your parents used to tell you to keep your elbows off the table during meals? Or that it’s rude to slurp your soup? Well there’s good news guys, these American cultures and customs don’t always translate to other countries! While the local people you meet won’t expect you to be fluent in their language, culture and customs, it is important to familiarize yourself with them.

Do you know how kissing, snoring and other things sound in other languages? That’s right, even sound effects can be translated!

In Greece, conversations take on a warm and hospitable tone! It is common to speak at a close proximity, and include personal touch, such as a hand on the shoulder, during conversation. Cheek greetings are also common among friends. Another thing to keep in mind that arriving 30 minutes late in Greece can be considered “on time”!

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The most important thing to remember while you’re abroad is that things will be different. But, different doesn’t mean wrong. Be open, be curious, and read more about the culture you will be stepping into. Get excited about LIVING the life you’ve only dreamt and read about until now!

#CISabroadtip: In Greece, showing your palm to someone at eye level can be considered an insult!

#CISabroadtip: “No” in Greece can be expressed with a slight upward tilt of the head, accompanied by an eyebrow raise and cluck of the tongue.