On-Site Program Coordinator: Adam Beecham

Adam Beecham

IMG_3654 (1)Since studying abroad in New Zealand and Australia Adam has lived the life of a nomad. Adam taught English in China for two years, managed a beach resort in Mexico for three years and has now lived in Holland with his girlfriend for the last 3+ years where he leads cycling trips, coaches and plays on a local baseball and volleyball team and tries to pick up the Dutch language. We asked Adam a few more questions so you could get to know him even better…

What’s your favorite vacation destination?
In both Mexico and Thailand, I love the food, the cultures and of course the great weather.

What’s your favorite kind of trip to lead?
Anything in Holland and Belgium

They have the most advanced biking networks in the world, combined with amazing landscapes and beautiful countryside. Not to mention friendly people that are all also extremely skilled cyclists.

Favorite Movies: Being John Malcovich, Exit through the gift shop, Hurley Burley

Favorite Book: Shantaram

Favorite Band: Cloud Cult

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had while leading a trip?
The entire group dancing together in Cuzco Peru, or an international soccer game breaking out in a remote mountain village

When did you first catch the travel bug?
While doing an adventure study abroad semester abroad in New Zealand, and Australia.

What are your hobbies?
Baseball, Basketball, Coaching, Biking, Cooking, Photography, Hiking, Exploring, Film, Languages.

What destination would you like to visit, that you haven’t?
Sri Lanka looks like a fascinating destination.

What is your favorite historical site, castle, museum, etc?
Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a living breathing Indiana Jones film.

Facts about Adam:
Guided Amphibious ‘Duck’ tours for 4 summers in the Wisconsin Dells.
Had his own comedy television program while in University.
Can speak Spanish, Mandarin, and is learning Dutch.

What’s an OPC? As part of your customized faculty-led program abroad, you will be led and supported by a CISabroad On-Site Program Coordinator (OPC). OPCs are experienced and well trained staff members, there to ensure the schedule goes according to plan. Each OPC attends an extensive training program that involves a range of modules – risk management, emergency response, safety, logistics’, cultural awareness, communication, culture shock, budgeting, social media, La Vida Local and customer service.

The primary role of the OPC is to facilitate the in-country implementation of the assigned customized program, by providing safety / emergency response and logistical support. During the program, the OPC is responsible for managing the day-to-day logistics of the assigned customized program and providing in-country support to both the faculty and students. Using personal travel experience, professional work experience (and where possible language knowledge), the OPC will help create a program environment that is safe and culturally engaging. The CISabroad OPC may or may not be an in country local. The majority of CISabroad OPCs are expats from the US, who have travelled, lived, volunteered, or worked abroad in the program destination. 

The OPC is not a registered tour guide nor expected to provide tours of sites visited during the program. If the program is one that requires specific guided tours of various sites, these will be provided separately. The OPC provides a general neighborhood walking tour to help the group identify the nearest bank/ATM, pharmacy, laundry-mat, grocery store and other similar conveniences. 

 The OPC’s role allows Faculty to focus on the academic objectives and the students to make the most of their time overseas!