New Zealand Student Visa

Do you need a visa to study in New Zealand?

For your CISabroad program in New Zealand, you WILL need to obtain a student visa. It’s extremely important that you continue to check your email regularly, as your Program Coordinator will be emailing you a visa instructions packet which contains important information regarding how and when to apply for your New Zealand Student visa.

Please read through this information carefully, as visa instructions can be complicated, and materials can take weeks or months to obtain.There is no need to go to the New Zealand consulate in order to obtain your visa.

These are visa guidelines that contain  important information regarding your application for a student visa for New Zealand. Please read through this carefully, as visas can be complicated.

A student visa is a foreign government issued document. For this reason, CISabroad cannot tell you how to answer questions on your application, however we can make recommendations and give tips.

While it generally takes about ten business days in order for your visa to be officially processed, you’ll need to send in your passport and required documents at least three weeks prior to your departure to ensure that your visa arrives on time.

Once you have received your visa please make additional copies and carry them with you while you travel to New Zealand. When you arrive at New Zealand Customs and Boarder Control will check both your passport and your visa.

For more information regarding the New Zealand Student visa please check out the New Zealand Student Visa Instructions .(Also located in your CISabroad Student Portal)

IMPORTANT: CISabroad can only advise students on visa procedures for travel requirements for your CISabroad program.  CISabroad is not responsible for advising students on visa issues if you plan to travel internationally before or after the program. Traveling before or after your program is a great opportunity to enhance your international experience, please make sure that you  have met all legal requirements for this extra travel!

These instructions are intended for US passport holders. International students must also be aware of additional documentation and/or processing time needed for their visas. Please contact your Program Coordinator to discuss your visa.

Please note that all consulates have varying visa processing times and/or requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their assigned consulate’s visa processing period and to send in their complete visa application well enough in advance to allow adequate time for processing. Each consulate lists the visa processing period on their website. Note: Required documents for your visa are always subject to change at the discretion of the consulate.