New Zealand Excursions

Swimming, hiking, kayaking, sailing, visiting local shops, going to a museum! These are all great ways to explore New Zealnd! You will get to do many of these as part of your CISabroad program with your fellow students and on-site staff. The excursions vary somewhat from semester to semester to include your interests!
New Zealand

There are several excursions that will be included as part of your orientation or throughout your semester in New Zealand. These excursions will allow you to get to know your fellow CISabroad students, experience New Zealand customs and culture, and most importantly have fun!

Examples of excursions include:

  • Visit to a wildlife sanctuary
  • Kayaking
  • City Tours
  • Hiking the New Zealand Coast Line
  • Attending a Maori Festival
  • Sailing
  • Visit to a local Microbrewery
  • Traditional New Zealand Cooking Lesson