Module 3: Intern in Australia Visa

Do you need a visa to intern in Australia?

Below are the instructions for how to apply for and receive your Working Holiday Visa to intern in Australia. Please note, CISabroad only advises on visas for US Citizens/Passport holders. If you are a citizen of another country, please see below for more information. Australia Visa Logo

To receive your Working Holiday Visa:

  • Your passport will need be valid for 60 days after the end of your program. If your US passport will expire two months after the end of your program, it is important you renew your passport before your trip. This may take several weeks, so plan accordingly. Please let your program coordinator know if you have any questions about immigration.
  • Apply ONLINE for the Working Holiday Visa. The application takes about 25 minutes.
  • Print out the confirmation page upon completion of the visa.
  • Generally, within 3-5 days you’ll receive an email with confirmation that you have been approved for the visa. PRINT THIS EMAIL AND BRING IT WITH YOU. While the visa is saved digitally in the Australian governments online system, bring a copy of the confirmation with you is highly recommended.
  • If you do not receive an email confirmation of your visa within 3-5 days you can check online for the visa status or call the Australia Visa Information Services Hotline at 1-905-280-1437.


Non-US Citizen/Non-US Passport holders:

CISabroad cannot advise on the visa procedures for non-US citizens. Please let your CISabroad Program Coordinator know if you do not have/are not eligible to obtain a US passport. It is important you reach out to your local Australian consulate for immigration requirements. While CISabroad may not formally advise on your visa, we can provide required documentation, insurance information, program acceptance letters, etc. that may be required.