Meet your on-site staff in Ecuador!

Diana Balarezo, CISabroad Ecuador Site Director

Diana Balarezo is a trilingual (Spanish, English and French) Ecuadorian that has worked in the tourism industry for many years already.  She has been the Ecuador National Coordinator of a volunteers’ non-profit organization with more than 80 member countries, as well as the US market leader of the biggest tourism company in Ecuador.  She has lived in the US as a student and as a restaurant manager at a Ski Resort in Idaho, where she learned to snowboard and still misses it.  She has traveled extensively in Ecuador, backpacked in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico; camped in National Reserves in the US and Canada, and visited Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, among other countries, knowing she cannot die before diving at the Great Barrier Reef.  She’s also an active volunteer of the United Nations World Tourism Organization and has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Tourism Development and Hospitality and a Master’s degree in Social and Environmental studies.   Her hobbies include sports such as trail running and mountain biking, as well as watching movies and reading a nice book.

Brian Waldron, CISabroad On-Site Program Coordinator

Studying abroad was the best thing Brian has ever done with his life. Brian wanted to help more people have that experience. (Plus a lot of interesting and fun people work in the field.) Brian enjoys having fun and taking it easy through consistent exercise in the form of hiking, running, cycling, and going to the gym. Nothing is better than a warm day or a cold beer. If he can be outside all day, he’s happy. Brian earned a Bachelor of Arts, major in Poly Sci from Siena College. He studied abroad in Ecuador and Namibia. He has traveled and worked in South Korea, Argentina, Peru, England, Ecuador, and Mexico.