Personal Health and Safety

Decide now to play an active role in your own health and safety while you’re abroad.

Here are some suggestions and tips to make your experience a safe one:

  1. Travel in groups whenever possible.
  2. If you go out in a group, make sure that everyone returns together.  Incidents are most likely to happen when someone is left behind.  Please stay together to limit risk!
  3. Do not walk alone at night, especially if you are in an area of the city you don’t know well, or on longer trips away from the program location.
  4. Be smart about how you travel when you are out and about. Always travel with a buddy, avoid travelling late at night, in unmarked taxis, or in empty buses and trains, and never hitchhike or catch a ride from strangers.
  5. Inform your Onsite Staff anytime you plan to leave the program location for independent travel.  Knowing where you are will help them if there is a natural disaster or other emergency in the program location, or in the area where you intend to travel.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings, and remain vigilant about what is going on around you.