Local transportation in Ecuador

There are a variety of options to travel around Ecuador.  Buses are major modes of transportation along with taxis and bicycles in the larger cities.

Bus Transportation.
 Traveling by bus is a great way to get from large city to large city. The 22 seater busetas are the best choices to travel to the larger destinations. Most city bus trip will run you about $30, with the largest expense being from Quito to the Galapagos or vice versa for $90.

Ecuador Buseta

Traveling by Taxi.
 Taxis are abundant throughout the major cities and are a quick relatively cheap way to travel from place to place. Registered taxis are yellow with it’s registration number on the windshield and side doors. DO NOT GET INTO AN UNREGISTERED TAXI. We strongly recommended that you either phone for a taxi or have your host family call one for you. You can even go into hotels and have the representatives on the front desk phone a taxi for you to.

Ecuador Taxi

When traveling, make sure to have your address written down with you so you will know where to go. Often times cab drivers will not know the names of landmarks, but you can bet that they will know the the cross streets closest to your destination.