Local Transportation in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country! Take advantage of every opportunity to travel and explore!

There are various forms of local transportation throughout South Africa. In metropolitan cities, you can travel by bus, train, personal taxis, and minibus taxis, which is the most popular mode of transport through the Western Cape. Minibuses allow for approximately 15 passengers, and operate similar to a bus route system. They are very inexpensive and very convenient.south africa traffic

Personal taxis or even car rentals are common for travelling over longer distances, and/or traveling to more remote locations. However, these tend to be more expensive, as personal taxis charge by the kilometer, and car rentals prices are charged per day.

It is very easy to hail a minibus taxi, as they run very frequently and are located in city centers. You can also call a personal taxi ahead of time and they will pick you up from a specific location. In terms of safety, as a general rule, only ride minibuses during the daytime, and if possible, ride with a friend or in a group (although this is not necessary, most minibuses are very safe.) A first class train ticket is relatively inexpensive, but should also be limited primarily to daytime use.

Also, valid taxis and minibuses should have city validation in the form of a sticker or license in the windshield or on the side of the vehicle. Unmarked taxis are not safe and should be avoided.


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