Local Transportation in Martinique

In Martinique, there are many forms of transportation. Taxis, minivans, and public or rented buses are all available. Using the public buses or walking (depending on your location) is the most common form of transportation.


The cheapest motorized option are the public buses. Large passenger buses provide public transportation services in Fort de France and are by far the cheapest option for transportation on the island. The buses are reliable and punctual, but limited to travel within the city limits Being able to speak and understand some French is very helpful. Watch your belongings – don’t put anything in the overhead bin.






Taxis are probably the most popular form of transportation on the island and essential for traveling outside of major urban zones. The best option is to take a taxi collectif, an 8-passenger van recognizable from the ‘TC’ label that they bear. Hundreds of TCs operate throughout the island from the early morning until 6:00 PM each evening. While transportation can be sporadic, crowded, and sometimes unpredictable, TCs offer a unique opportunity to interact with locals and are considerably cheaper than standard taxis. Commonly known as a “taxico”, this is a quaint, inexpensive means of transportation and is very popular among the locals. Taxicos provide an excellent opportunity to experience life in the region and interact with the locals.