Local Transportation in Hawaii

Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump!


There are a variety of options to travel around Hawaii. Because Hawaii is a group of islands you will be primarily traveling by bus on island and by plane between islands.

There are four inter-island airlines.
Hawaiian Airlines
Island Air
Mokulele Airlines

Bus Transportation.
 “The Bus,” as it’s locally called, has a website at  www.thebus.org. It services Oahu and is based in Honolulu. There is a guide for traveling around Oahu without a car, “TheBus Map and Guide Book” (costs $4.99 USD) can be bought on site.  Anyone looking for step by step instructions, estimates about travel time, frequency of buses and last stop will be happy with this guide.

CISabroad Travel Tip:  2 wheelchairs and 2 bicycles can fit on a bus! There are also free maps at shopping centers and libraries. Don’t be shy  – ask a local!

By Bicycle. Cycling maps of Oahu can be found as well. Click here for the bicycle map of Oahu.