Local transportation in Greece

Public transport – The easiest and most common form of  land transportation is by bus although you can get around by trains, where available. Of course, for when you’re ready to explore those beautiful Greek isles, you’ll want to ‘island-hop’ by ferry or even via Greece’s domestic air network. Read more about all the different styles of public transport here: Lonely Planet

Taking a taxi – Taxi by land or by water? That’s right! In Greece, you will most likely use a water taxi or, taxi boat, to travel between islands and get to places that would otherwise be too difficult to get to by land. If you would prefer taking a taxi you can learn more about fares, tipping, and other information here.

#CISabroad tip: Taxis Round up the fare by a couple of euros. Keep in mind, there can be a small fee for handling bags.

Greece Water Taxi

Cheap flights – Check out these discount airlines that offer flights from Greece to multiple European destinations! Easy JetGerman Wings or Ryan Air

Or, you could do as the locals do and rent a bike to get from place to place!

Tips for success:

-As with any city, be aware of your surroundings and watch your belongings! Pickpockets operate in every country.

-Some cities require you to validate your metro, bus, or tram ticket. This means you need to get it stamped in a machine before riding! Be sure to do so if this is true of the Grecian city you are visiting! This will vary from city to city.

ticket validation machine

-Do not buy or accept public transport tickets from people on the street, always buy from approved newspaper stands, convenience stores, or machines.