Local transportation in England

Planes, trains and automobiles…what’s the best way to get around?

Transportation in England is fairly easy to navigate and super accessible. The Train and the Bus system are safe, convenient ways to travel. In London, the Tube is also available as a great way to get around.

Coaches are cost-effective ways to travel around England. Trains are faster and can be very cheap. Flying is also convenient and usually inexpensive as there are a number of small airlines that fly to many cities in England and across Europe.

London Bus

London Specific Information!

For up-to-date information about travel costs, look at the Transport for London website;  www.tfl.gov.uk.

The website also has schedules, trip planning and much more. Depending on how often you will be using public transportation there are many different options that might work for you. Daily or single tickets can be bought but there are also 7 day and longer travel cards available.

Also, check out the London City Mapper app, which is a favorite of our London onsite team for planning a public transportation journey across the city!

#CISAbroadtip – you will receive an Oyster Card in your CISabroad Welcome Pack!

#CISAbroadtip – buses are no longer accepting cash, you need to either have a travel card or contact less payment method to purchase a ticket on the bus.

While in London always remember to take a registered London Cab. If you are hailing one on the street remember that it should be one of the black cabs. You can also catch one at a designated cab rank. If you want to call or order your cab online there are many companies that offer competitive fares and great service.

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Pick-pockets: While traveling in England is a breeze, it is always important to be aware of your surroundings. Pick-pocketing is a major occurrence, especially in larger cities. Make sure that your bag is zipped up and carried in front of you and that your wallet is tucked away safely. It is also a good idea to keep copies of your passport and essential documents in your dorm or hotel room, just in case. Keep an eye out for yourself and your friends in crowded areas and don’t be afraid to make a lot of noise if you see something out of place. Pick-pockets scare easily!


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