Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru is a wonderful city with many truly unique parts of the city to explore. The city is quite large, but still has the smaller town feel in certain neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for history, culinary delights, or a really fun night, Lima has it all.

There are a variety of articles that discuss Lima’s increasing notoriety as a first class culinary destination. You’ll find some amazing food, both traditional and fusion throughout the city. By the end you’ll have your favorite places to eat, but to help get you started, the Telegraph has an article, as does Men’s Journal. It is even home to the #4 ranked restaurant in the world.

Miraflores District
The Miraflores District is where you’ll find the best restaurants, most of the¬†foreigners, and some amazing views. You can spend a day, night, or many months exploring this part of the city.miraflores, peru costa

The historic downtown area of Lima can be a bit hectic, but you’ll find some of the best museums here. It also contains the government buildings as Lima is the capital of Peru. Narrow walking streets lead you to major intersections and you can spend a few days exploring this part of the city.

Lima, Peru city downtown

Barranco District
Known for its artistic past and present, this bohemian area on the southern outskirts of Lima (and right on the water) is a great place for dinner or an evening stroll.barranco lima peru