Jasmina Cubelic, Adelaide Onsite Staff

Jasmina Cubelic

Adelaide Site Director

Email: jascubelic@gmail.com

Jasmina completed a double degree in a Bachelor of Media with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English with a consecutive Bachelor of Media Honours at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. In the fourth year of her undergraduate studies she had a study abroad experience in Japan, with trips to Malaysia and Singapore along the way.
Before she worked as a student advisor in the outbound exchange office at the University of Adelaide as well as worked with CISabroad in the United States for 12 months. She has always loved bursting the “my small world” bubbles of students by showing them that adventure awaits them out there, and there’s a study abroad experience calling their name. 
Outside the office I keep myself busy by cuddling my cat, catching up on the latest movie releases, reading comic books, finding a cozy coffee spot to chillax at, and dreaming up my next overseas adventure!
Travel Tip
Prepare to be flexible and adaptable. Despite all the “full-proof” planning and itineraries, unexpected stuff does happen when travelling. It’s always best to not stress and roll with the situation the best you can. Make the most of the experience! It’s likely that your mishaps of getting lost or missing a train will become eventful stories to tell family and friends when you return.
In addition to your Site Director Jasmina you will have additional onsite staff to support you throughout your time in Australia.

These people will help you navigate the day-to-day of living in Sydney and will be with you on many of the cultural activities and excursions. However, Jasmina is always available should anything arise, such as emergencies, group issues, or just for check-ins. Don’t hesitate to contact any of them!