January Wine Studies- Housing

Here are some general rules, tips, and expectations to help you become accustomed to your new home!

Students will be spending their time in hotels mostly during this trip, but will be staying in a homestay for a few nights as well!
Hotel Accommodations:
  • Rated between 3-5 stars, with breakfast included every day.  There are also a number of dinners included in the program.
  • Students will be placed in singles, doubles, triples, and quads.
  • Linens will be provided.
  • Hotel list will be sent out in the next few weeks!

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  • Students will be placed with 1-2 other students in homestays while visiting Aix En Provence.
  • Aix En Provence is home to IAU College, and the homestay families have been working with the school for many years.
  • It is customary to bring a small gift for your host family to thank them for their hospitality and gracious offering to welcome you into their home and provide you with meals.
  • Examples of gifts include something that is representative of your region of the country, such as pure maple syrup from New England, a special candy, or product that is made locally.
  • Homestay assignments should be coming out soon!

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Please note that although CISabroad makes every effort to provide your preferred form of housing, we cannot guarantee that all personal preferences are met. We have carefully selected safe and adequate housing for each student and each living arrangement is distinct and special in its own way.

Every housing placement is different with different pros and cons. Your accommodations will be different than what you’ve come to expect in your home country. In general, be prepared for a relatively small living space in an older building with very basic amenities. Now is the time to open your mind and get ready to experience something different; this attitude is in the spirit of your decision to study abroad. Please exercise your best judgment in regards to the following areas, especially while you are a guest in the homestays.  You are representing not only your country, but your home institutions, and you want to be as respectful as possible.

clean up after yourself


  • Be sure to clean up after yourself not only while you are a guest in the homestays, but also when you share smaller hotel rooms with others.


  • In order to avoid disturbing the neighbors or housemates, please use headphones when listening to music, or keep the volume low, and please keep your voices down.
  • In terms of hotels, rules will vary depending on the city, this will be discussed more in depth when you arrive on site.

Utilities and use:

  • Mostly to be aware of while in homestays with regards to taking long showers, leaving lights on, etc.


  • Travel in groups if going out at night, be aware of your surroundings, exercise your judgment!  This will also be covered at length once you arrive on site.

Guests and Alcohol Policies:

  • While the alcohol policies are more relaxed in Europe, do not abuse the privilege to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with meals, or in social settings.
  • Disrespectful behavior related to alcohol consumption will end up in dismissal from the housing and you will have to find your own housing at your own expense.
  • The consumption of drugs, as well as keeping or dealing with them, is absolutely prohibited.

Financial Liability:

  • If there are damages to the hotels or homestays, you will be responsible, and it will come out of your $500 housing deposit.
  • This includes damage done to the doors, walls, floors, furniture, kitchen supplies, washing machine, etc.
  • Housing deposits will be returned 8-12 weeks after the program has ended.

Helpful tips for living with other people:

  • You will be traveling in a large group with many unfamiliar faces.  Your days will be jam packed and tiring.  Please try and be as respectful as possible when someone needs some space or down time.
  • Remember that you are not on a college campus and not in your own home. Respect the property and get out of the “college campus” mentality.

Warning process:

  • If any of the above rules are broken, you will receive a first verbal warning. This warning will also be written and sent to your sending study abroad program and your home school.
  • The second infraction of any of the above rules will result in you needing to find a new place to live at your own expense.
  • Please read through all of our behavior policies noted in the CISabroad Policy Handbook, linked inside of the attachment to your acceptance email.