January Multi-Country Insurance

In order to ensure your safety abroad, CISabroad has included a comprehensive medical insurance package in your program that provides you with medical and accident insurance.

The plan is administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), through the Institute for American Universities, and the policy number is 14 11STV8500500-VC. To contact CISI call 1-203-399-5130 or email cisiwebadmin@culturalinsurance.com


You may need to pay for medical services up front and then submit a claim to CISI – you cannot simply hand your insurance card to the Doctor’s Office. It is important to be sure to keep any receipts from medical services rendered to submit with your claim form. This plan covers you worldwide, and serves as your primary insurance provider.

For the claim for, please go here: January Multi Country CISI Insurance Claim form

In addition to the CISI insurance coverage, you also have access to a 24-hour travel assist hotline. The number is 1-609-986-1234 (call collect) or email: MEDservices@assistamerica.com. The ID for the emergency service is 01-AA-CIS-01133

All students will receive an insurance letter and card as well as a pre-arrival sheet with emergency contact details on it.