January in the Mediterranean Basin- Onsite Staff

Meet your January in the Mediterranean Basin Onsite Staff! They will be assisting you every step of the way through your European journey!


Ali Freter

Ali Freter is the Enrollment Advisor for IAU College

Rebecca Coyle

Rebecca Coyle is the Associate Director of IAU College

Dr. Harrington

Dr. Matthew Harrington from Tufts University

Dr. Bruce

Dr. R. Bruce Hitchner from Tufts University

Dr. Durand

Dr. Guillaume Durand from Universite de Provence and IAU College

*In the event of an emergency onsite, you should contact Dr. Durand or Ali Freter. Here’s their specific contact information:

Dr. Guillaume Durand phone: 00 33+ (0)6 09 23 37 28

Email: Gduirand_7@Hotmail.com; guillaume.durand@iaufrance.org

Ali Freter phone: 630-699-0770

Email: alicia.freter@iaufrance.org